Wildfire Suppression

There is only one way to stop a wicked wildfire from spreading to your community and that is with the expertise and capacity of a professionally trained wildfire team.

  • Strategic Wildfire holds suppression contracts in BC; both government and industry
  • 3 or 5–person Initial Attack Crews
  • 5, 10 and 20-person Sustain Action Crews
  • Fireline suppression equipment
  • Danger Tree Assessors
  • Leadership personnel for wildfire operations and support roles
  • Wildland Fire Origin and Cause Determination Investigators
  • First Aid Attendants and Mobile Treatment Centers

All of the above are fully supported by a team of forestry professionals

Rotary Wing Infrared Scanning and Mapping

We make use of cutting-edge technology and programs to ensure that we know exactly where to focus the fight, and where to avoid. This makes for a safer, more efficient, and more STRATEGIC approach to fighting fires.

  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) thermo imagery scanning
  • Wildfire and prescribed burn scanning programs
  • Staffed with ISO Level 1 Certified Infrared Thermographers and experienced GIS Technicians
  • Visual representation of hot spots delivered as a digital image file (PDF) and an immediate printed map product
  • Hot spots can be identified with markers for ground crew identification
  • Hand-held FLIR infrared cameras used by ground crews to find hot spots

To see our top-of-the-line UAV in action, click here.

Prevention, Planning and Risk Prevention

Beyond our boots on the ground approach, Strategic Wildfire also offers exceptional consultation as to how to prevent fires before they happen. For the last decade we have been offering insight and practical advice to reduce risk and increase the chance of minimizing wildfires proactively.

  • Hazard, Risk and Vulnerability Analyses
  • Community Wildfire Prevention Plans (CWPPs)
  • Emergency Management and Preparedness Plans
  • Fuel Management Prescriptions (FMPs)

Fuel Management

Dry vegetation in the wildland-urban interface, the area surrounding your property or community, is the primary risk factor for wildfire in built-up areas. We work to reduce the risk by assessing fuel loading and physically removing the most combustible materials – thereby lowering the risk of ignition and reducing the likelihood of a wildfire spreading to the property. Our team has assessed and treated thousands of hectares of wildland-urban interface as part of BC’s strategic wildfire defense initiative. From prevention to suppression, we have it covered.

We can assist individual homeowners and wider communities by taking simple steps to reduce the impact and reduce the risk of loss from interface fires. Through implementing wildfire smart principles, fuels are reduced by thinning and pruning vegetation and trees to slow a wildfire’s spread.

  • Prescribed Burning / Hazard Abatement
  • Habitat / Ecosystem Restoration
  • Ignition and Burn Specialists
  • Operational Fuel Treatments